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Founded in 2015, Eleven is an Independent Research Provider (IRP) established to support the best investment decisions by means of impartial research with full coverage of the Brazilian investment asset classes.

Focused on excellent and consistent results, our mission is to assist global investors in accessing the Brazilian market. To do this, we have brought together a team of highly qualified analysts, whose disciplined work is based on the solid pillars of our own investment philosophy, based on an “owner mentality” approach, with the aim of providing recommendations that undergo a trorough, multi-level finalizaton process.

Our team directly covers more than 130 companies whilst keeping another 200+ on a ‘watchlist’, analyzing businesses regardless of industry or size, whilst more than 70% of this total is classified as Mid-Small caps.

We provide our clients with analyses and solutions in the form of daily reports, with perspectives and opinions that are discussed by the entire team, combining bottom-up and top-down analysis approaches. Furthermore, we offer our clients personalized assistance and direct communication with the analysts.

As IRPs, we work closely with the regulatory bodies and use our critical perspective to contribute to the growth and improvement of the Brazilian capital market.

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