Banks and Brokerage Firms

With total independence, we serve banking and brokerage firms through services applicable to both the internal and the final public, whilst avoiding any conflicts of interest.

We deliver analyses in order to optimize a client’s internal structure and resolve any regulatory conflicts, one way being through the provision of content about primary and secondary offerings, for instance.

Eleven Research’s coverage addresses the entire Brazilian investment industry, with specialized analysts and complementary expertise. Our coverage includes: equities (fundamental/technical analyses), fixed income, mutual/hedge funds, and REITs. In addition, we have a dedicated team for local and international macroeconomics, bringing together top down and bottom up visions.

Our services are customized to meet the needs of each client. Please contact us to learn more.

Banks and Brokerage Firms

Reports and analyses



  • Scenario meetings and calls
  • Access to analyst for discussions on investment cases
  • Corporate Access
  • Global Roadshows and Investor Education
  • Presentation of Investment Cases for local and foreign investors
  • Real time access to the team of technical analysts
  • Sector analyses
  • Macroeconomics discussions
  • Reports, reviews and suggested portfolio recommendations
  • Stock guide
  • Access to reports via proprietary platform: online and email
  • Access to reports via Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters terminals
  • On-demand reports
  • Analysis of assets suited to the institution's product grid
  • Elaboration of content tailored for internal staff and/or end customers
  • Production of educational content
  • Participation in events and lectures


  • Contact customer service for technical questions
  • Service via email or telephone, with pre-determined SLA
  • Call with analysts team with pre-established schedule
  • Calls with analysts
  • Meetings with pre-defined themes by the client
  • Exclusive e-mail service channel and/or dedicated team

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